The Building of the Venturer
Series 1

Photos Courtesy of Mike Strizki (NJDOT) February/March 1999

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NJDOT's 1996 Solectria Force was part of an ARPA/NAVC Research and Demonstration Project. The vehicle exterior is painted by students at Hunterdon County Polytech. System integrator Neocon Technologies takes delivery. Vehicle interior is disassembled prior to body cuts.
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Sizing for battery placement and box with a dummy NiCd STM5 100 MRE. Battery specifcation: 6 volt 100Ahr, 28 lbs, L9.8" x W4.85"x H10.25" Neocon's Carl Akerman cutting rear floor for battery boxes. Cut out for battery box #1 which is directly below former location of rear seat. Side door view of body cuts for battery boxes.
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Trunk view of cuts for battery boxes. Battery placement will optimize vehicle handling and balance. Under hood measurements are used to construct a mach-up envelope for the fuel cell stack and subsystems. Mock-up of fuel cell stack in wood frame. The fuel cell and subsystems will become a removable unit. Hydrogen bottles will be rack mounted above battery box #1. Bottle spec: Aluminum liner with carbon fiber/epoxy overwrap, 88 cubic feet @ 4500 psig, D 7.18" x L 21.1" , 11.9 lbs.

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