"A Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Electric Vehicle"

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The Project

A consortium of universities, technology companies and government agencies recognizing common and complementary interests have come together to demonstrate the practicality of building and operating a hydrogen fuel cell and battery powered electric vehicle. The vehicle, named New Jersey Project Venturer, will be entered in the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association's (NESEA) 1999 Tour de Sol rally.

The Tour de Sol is a seven day educational road rally event for electric vehicles, with free public events in eight communities. The Tour showcases 50 electric, hybrid electric and solar assisted electric vehicles built by major auto and bus manufacturers, students and individuals from North America and abroad. In 1999, the rally will leave from Waterbury, Connecticut on May 22 and arrive in Lake George, New York on May 28. The NESEA Tour is well organized and provides an excellent marketing program and media attention.

The vehicle concept was introduced by the NJ Department of Transportation's Technology Bureau, a leader in fuel cells for transportation and electric vehicle development. Consortium partners have been identified and will include NJ based technology firms with fuel cell, electronic integration and energy supply system expertise. Project partners are:

H Power Corporation (fuel cells)
MG Industries (gas supply)
Advanced Power Associates (power conversion)
Neocon Technologies (system integrator)
Fully Independent Residential Solar Technologies (energy systems)
NWL Corporation (power supply systems)
Diversatech (metal fabrication)

Wenzel & Company of Pennington, NJ will furnish communications and marketing support.

Rutgers University's Center for Advanced Infrastructure Technology (CAIT) will provide technical and administrative support. Other institutional partners include Rowan University, Burlington County College (BCC) - New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Cinnaminson High School, Hunterdon County Polytech and Hunterdon Central High School. Sponsorship opportunities will also be made available to interested organizations.

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