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Honorary Pit Crew (Donations over $5,000)
Ford Motor Inc.
IBM  --  Laptop Computers
Taylor-Wharton a division of Harsco Corp.   --  Hydrogen Cylinders
Sherwood a division of Harsco Corp.--  Hydrogen Tank Valves
Perma Pure Inc.  --  Fuel Cell Membranes
Alpine  --  GPS Tracking System
Structural Composite Industries (SCI)
Shoprite  --  Cash Donation
Silver Line Windows  --  Cash Donation
Bell Atlantic  --  Cell Phones with all Calls Covered

Rally Team Sponsor (Donations under $5,000)
James Toyota  --  Cash Donation
Dan Raviv Associates, Inc.  --  Cash Donation
Adams, Rehmann and Heggan Associates, Inc.  (ARH)  --  Cash Donation
Roma Federal Savings Bank  --  Cash Donation
Goodyear  --  Tires
Air Lift
Recon Controls
Alma Printing  --  Printing Services
Barbara Cokelet  --  Cash Donation
PSE&G  --  Cash Donation
Arora and Associates, P.C.  --  Cash Donation
Transpo Safety Industries Inc.  --  Cash Donation
New Jersey 101.5  --  Radio Air Time
Motorola  --  Mass Quanities of Two Way Radios
Calmac Manufacturing Corp  --  Cash Donation

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